The Social Graph Evolution

The Social Graph Evolution

A Closer Look at the Social Graph

 The term social graph, in terms of the internet, has historically been used to depict how social media users are connected. Terms such as "Friend" (Facebook) or "Follow" (Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc.) are used to describe social media relationships to such an extent that in year 2013 they are part of everyday conversation.
Social Graph - Illustration

Social Graph - Illustration

 The concept of an internet based social graph is not new, it has been around since 2007 however the challenges have been;
  • Modeling a Workable Social Graph
  • Harnessing Resources (hardware, software, database, network) to Build that Workable Model
 The time is here and with the Facebook Open Graph, Graph API and Facebook Graph Search a truly workable and searchable solution to the social search challenge is now available. 
The meaning of the social graph TODAY and for the future is evolving, it is evolving not only to depict relationships between people but now to depict relationships between people, places and things.
 Technically, mathematically and engineering-wise, the social graph is a MONUMENTAL feat. The number of connections and the amount of data that must be considered when designing a social graph is beyond comprehesion, or was beyond comprehesion. 

A Quick Analysis - Total Number of Facebook People-to-People Connections


1,100,000,000 (1.1 BILLION) = Total # of Facebook Users

~150 = Average # of Facebook Friends per User:

>150,000,000,000 (150 Billion, and growing) = Total # of Facebook People-to-People Connections

This quick analysis is just for Facebook and just for connections between people (connections between Facebook profiles). Think beyond people connections for a minute, every time someone likes a post, likes a page, checks in at a place, listens to a song, watches a video or any other action, that is the creation of yet another connection, remember the social graph is now defined as the connections between people, places and things! The Facebook database grows at a rate of 2.7 Billion Likes and Comments per day ~ Quora While this engineering is great, how can this information be harnessed to add value to the everyday lives of consumers? The value of the social graph has two main components:
  • Information - The sheer volume of data and information the social graph makes available
  • Social Search - The ability to search a social graph to find information and media that was not previously discoverable
 Extending social search and the social graph into a business setting is not only a natural evolution, it also makes tremendous sense. From a B2C (business-to-consumer) perspective, we can easily discover connections within a social graph that are in need of consumer goods and services. From a B2B (business-to-business) perspective, we at 3V feel there is a huge void in the marketplace, a general lack of tools and resources for businesses to find areas of opportunity that were previously not discoverable.
Depiction of the Social Graph

The Social Graph

 Stay tuned, 3V Business Solutions is in the process of creating a new site and new tools to help businesses discover opportunity. We are committed to researching, studying, applying and exploiting the social graph to help businesses find these hidden areas of opportunity that were previously not discoverable.