Social Media Marketing – A Synonym for Opportunity

If at first you do not succeed, try, try again

If you do not succeed, try, try again.Cracking the social marketing nut is not as easy as these get rich quick MLM and affiliate networking scammers lead you to believe. That said, there are some relatively simple yet effective things you can do to; #1) Increase your chance of success and #2) Amplify your return on resource investment. 3V Business Solutions has worked very hard at social media marketing since our inception in early 2012. Our business is now accelerating well beyond expectations, partly because of traditional word of mouth but mostly due to a strong social media presence. Before we present our unique perspective and call-to-action for a successful beginning to a social media marketing campaign, we would like to play a GAME! Play along, look under the rocks below, in order from #1 to #3, an analogy of the journey of life and the journey of learning social media marketing!
3V Rock

Rock #1

3V Rock

Rock #2

3V Rock

Rock #3

Help My Business With Social Media Marketing

Fair enough but first let me congratulate you for completing the game. The fact that you completed the game is reason enough to believe that you have the patience and willingness to be successful with your social media marketing! 10 Helpful Social Media Marketing Tips 1) Blog, Blog, Blog - Yeah, I know it is time consuming and tedious BUT this is the foundation of many (if not every) successful social media marketing campaign. Do we earn revenue from our blog? Nope, no way. Will you earn money from your blog? Probably not and if so it will be a while. So, why blog? Well, it adds to your reputation, credibility and provides a VERY strong foundation from which to build other revenue generating digital assets. Click here to learn more about setting up your own WordPress blog OR contact 3V and we can help you! 2) Be Engaged - Here is a link to 26 ways to create engaging content from Social Media Examiner. As far as social sharing and bookmarking tools go, 3V Business Solutions uses and advocates the AddThis social sharing suite and the WP Socializer plugin. 3) Be Creative - It's called social media not social word updating, if and when possible use as much media as possible. Images, graphics, infographics, video and audio are great features to publish! As a matter of standard practice, 3V always includes graphics designed and developed in house in our publication. Make sure that include your branding on all your media, a watermark is a GREAT way to accomplish this. 4) Be CONSISTENT and be REAL - Develop a strategy of what to write about and stick to that strategy! If you own a clothing store, write about fashion and not politics! Give credit to and cite 3rd party sources where applicable. When you do refer to a 3rd party, reach out to them on social channels and let them know that you cited them as a resource (people LOVE THIS!). Try to avoid negativity and stay on a positive path. People instinctively see right through BS so if your shtick is to misrepresent your knowledge, expertise or experience - good luck.  5) Confidence - Proud but Humble - People are naturally attracted to success and successful people. GREAT, talk about success, when writing about a subject in which you are an expert, describe your credentials and give proof that you know what you are talking about, the 2013 version of Show 'n Tell. 6) Diversify Your Social Media Assets - If you are new to social media, we suggest at the very least you create an account on three base channels; #1) Facebook, a PAGE not a person please, #2) Google/Goolge+ and #3) Pinterest. Technology changes VERY quickly but today in August 2013 the 3V Business Solutions website has experienced a 10,000% (yes 10,000%) increase in traffic since January 2013 and Pinterest is by far the largest factor in that growth. Make sure that your channels are all integrated, work together and have consistent branding. 7) Reciprocate - On Facebook, when someone "Likes" your business RECIPROCATE and "Like" their business page. On Twitter, Pinterest and Google reciprocate with a "Follow". It is very good practice to thank all of your new followers on some interval, weekly is a good start. Sometimes simple tactics are the most effective tactics! 8) Measure & Analyze - Referring back to the rock game above, you are not going to hit pay dirt in your first attempt at social media marketing and networking. We can use all the fancy marketing terms like Split Testing, A/B Testing and so forth but if you do not have the tools to measure you are flying blind! Start with this, install and hook up Google Analytics (a checklist for installing Google Analytics) for measuring your website traffic, review your Facebook Insights once per month AND if you followed our suggestion is #2 (Be Engaged) make sure you check your AddThis social analytics (VERY COOL!!!) on a weekly basis! 9) REACT - Reaction assumes that you are properly measuring. Sometimes common sense is not so common but if something works, keep doing it and if something is not working stop doing it! A GREAT example of this is Facebook, if you are diligent with #8 above and regularly check your Facebook Insights you will be VERY well aware that Facebook gives precedence to status updates over links and picture posts, on average your reach will be MUCH greater (3-5 times) with status updates than links and posts. Use this information wisely, this does NOT mean that you should only post status updates, quite the contrary, this simply means that we suggest you sprinkle in a status update post with all your other posts, after all it is called social media. 10) Don't Be Afraid of Failure - Do not take social media too personally. Is it a popularity contest? Yes, kind of but guess what, just like in high school popularity is usually a function of how engaging someone is. Do not get discouraged, or at least too discouraged, and please do remember the rock game above; Don't EVER, EVER give up!

For the Umpteenth Time - Social Media is the New Word of Mouth

Facebook, Twitter and social media as a whole is just an opportunity for people to do harm to our reputation.