Social Media Marketing for the Holidays

Social Media Marketing for the Holidays

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Deck Your Wall with Lots of Traffic, Fa-La-La, La-la

We all know the shopping en masse that occurs over the holidays especially on Black Friday. However, when you stop and think about it, it’s not only the items being purchased but also the marketing and sales that goes into the equation. For instance, maybe you weren’t looking for a specific TV from a specific brand, but when you saw that the store had a TV worth $799 on sale for $300, you decided that was the TV for you. The reason that so many more items are advertised at this time of year compared with the rest of the year is because the stores amp up their holiday marketing. For businesses in the Metro-Detroit area, social media marketing for the holidays can really boost the amount of traffic you receive on your wall and website.

Social media marketing for the holiday season by 3V Business Solutions

Marketing Strategies for Non-Techies

When interviewing three entrepreneurs for this article, I purposely chose the interviewees because they are what I would consider “non-techie.” None of them have extensive knowledge of marketing or computer skills. They are simply business owners and entrepreneurs who use their creativity to bring traffic to their business through marketing on social media. I interviewed Jay Leonard, owner of Xtreme Flooring; Kodi Riddle, actress and realtor, good model of self promotion through social media; and Greg Tongue, co-owner of Tongue’s Coffee. All three gave answers that overlapped in some way and it is these commonalities that are the most important things to remember when utilizing social media for holiday marketing.

Don’t Be Afraid of Social Media

Social media is not only an effective way to communicate with others, it’s also a great marketing tool! It allows you to be the formal business and the less formal, “the human touch”! It presents your business in a less formal way than most people are used to. Think about it, most of the time you see advertising, it’s either in the newspaper or more likely when you’re online surfing the web or watching TV. I’m sure you’ve noticed the sidebars on Facebook and how they customize the ads to your tastes. TV adds can be a little too corporate. They are talking at you not with you. Social media allows more direct contact with the company: you can tweet questions or comments, post suggestions to their wall, or pin your favorite products on your board. Social media lets you, the business owner, communicate with the public directly, not through the television screen. It’s refreshing from the customers’ perspective, it’s like getting to talk to a real person on the phone and not a list of “press 1 for….”  Kodi Riddle suggested that people remember not to be intimidated to get on social media channels. “The advice I have for non-techie people is to stay that way, but still get on facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn,” says Riddle. “It doesn’t take anything to create a profile on all those sites. Then from there just share your non-techie insights on a daily basis.” Learn more about Phoenix area real estate, Kodi and Riddle Real Estate by clicking here!

Social media marketing for the holiday season, Detroit Social Media Marketing

Relate to Customers on a Personal Level

Remember what I said about the real person versus the machine list? That applies here as well. From my own non-techie experience, if there is a problem I need resolved or a question that needs answering, I ALWAYS like it when the worker is able to talk to me as if I’m a person. “Be original and human, not corporate,” says Greg Tongue. This was the key strategy emphasized during the interview with Tongue’s Coffee. When I go into Tongue’s, I feel like I’m talking to a real person behind the counter who genuinely cares about my order. This is crucial for gathering first time customers and making sure you have repeat customers! Make sure your customers feel they are talking with a human who can really listen and answer their questions not a corporate machine who spits back answers.

Mix it Up!

Sometimes my own Facebook newsfeed will show stores that I have liked post things like “Tell us your favorite holiday memory” or “What did you buy the last time you made a midnight run to our store?” At first, it seemed a little unprofessional to me, but after interviewing Jay Leonard of Xtreme Flooring, it makes perfect sense! “Make sure some of your lists are not just about your business,” says Leonard. “People get sick of seeing just you. Try food or different holiday themes and hashtag yourself!” This is social media marketing at its finest! By inviting customers to interact with the company of social media channels, you might not be making a sale, but you are building a relationship with the customers! Studies show that customers will visit a website an average of 10 times before they are comfortable enough to make a purchase.

Take Away

Don’t be afraid to use social media marketing for the holidays! It costs nothing to start a page on Facebook for your business and you only have to pay for advertising if you choose to do so!

Keep the feel informal so customers feel they are talking to a real person who cares about their concerns and needs.

Don’t worry about being non-techie, most people aren’t!

Mix-up the marketing and try to engage your customers in ways other than pure promoting!

As always, I hope this article was helpful! If you’d like me to write for your website, contact 3V Business Solutions (Click Here)!





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