A Random Mix of Funny Stuff

A Random Mix of Funny Stuff

Happiest Friday wishes!  Spring has finally made it to southeast Michigan so we couldn't be more excited to get outside this weekend.  The past few weeks Friday Humor research has been pretty time consuming so I've taken a little break and done something simple.  This week is a compilation of random hilarity (in the form of animated .gifs per a request by a loyal reader).  Enjoy!

Wait...wait...just a second.  You stay right there.  You're gonna stay there right?  Just gotta try that puddle a couple more times.


The best part is he completely disappears.


The best awkward handshake moment of all time.


It seems staged, yes.  But the man's stomach is actually capable of that...


Move it, ball!


Unexpected ninja squirrel...weird one-eyed stuffed squirrel...and an even weirder person who decided to film it.


I've watched this a bunch of times to try to determine if it's real.  I hope so.  Let it be a lesson to drunk guys with too much hair product!


Perfect form.


A really useful skill.


Wonder if that little kid is still a punk or if this incident taught him to behave--there is always someone out there who isn't going to put up with your shenanigans.


Think you've seen a few too many movies, all star?  You think you can just sprint effortlessly up and over an SUV?  How did that pavement feel?


I don't know what she was doing in the first place but I happen to LOVE this one.


The moment when the crow turns and looks into the distance at the same time the dog does is the best.


Um...just a few things...

1.  Why is Santa in red spandex capris and a cropped open jacket over his bare chest?

2.  Where did he come from and why was he seated?

3.  I watched it 5 times before I realized the impact blew out his pants.

santa-ooops     Have a great weekend!


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