Funny Notes from Moms

Funny Notes from Moms
Happy Friday! In honor of Mother's Day this Sunday, Friday Humor is dedicated to the funny moms of the world (and especially those who are unintentionally so). As a motherless and childless woman in my thirties, I didn't think I was qualified to be a great judge of mom humor. Most of my mom-related giggles admittedly come at the expense of my best friend, a mother of four young boys.  When you're not the mom, you can just laugh at the meltdowns (example: Last summer when her youngest threw a fit because he decided he didn't want his nipples on his chest anymore).   But it turns out, moms can be pretty funny themselves. Anyone can appreciate this sort of hilarity. Enjoy! Friday Humor Funny Note from MomFriday Humor Funny Text from Mom   Funny Facebook Comment from Mom   Funny Instant Message from Mom Funny Note from Mom Funny Note from Mom Funny Tweet from Mom Funny Instant message from Mom Funny Note from Mom add8 blog11   blog3Funny Note from Mom   Funny Tweet about Mom Funny Note from Mom Funny Note from Mom I like this next one not because of the courtesy heads up from mom about the child's stash.  I like it because of the where-is-my-clear-tape side note. Funny Note from Mom Funny Note from Mom   Funny Facebook Status from Mom Funny Email from Mom Funny \Note from Mom  add5 Happy Mother's Day to moms everywhere, including my own.  I miss you (and your laugh and humor) more than I could describe.Special thanks to a new humor site I found this week, Postcards from Yo Momma:  A Repository of Modern Maternal Correspondence.  All texts, emails, and instant messages from moms were originally posted there.Have a great weekend! 


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