Facebook Graph Search Primer

Facebook Graph Search Primer
If you are the type that is committed to staying on the cutting edge of social media and technology in general, you have certainly been closely following the Facebook Graph Search news on the street, perhaps have done a little research on the subject or even joined the waiting list as a beta-tester. If you were lucky, you were selected to participate and use these new tools as a beta-tester. 3V is one of those lucky ones, and we have spent a great deal of time testing the graph search features and learning landscape.

What is Facebook Graph Search - Simple Terms


Web Content vs Consumer Content

Social media advocates and leaders have waited anxiously as an abundance of "Facebook Search" rumors have surfaced over the last year. First of all, we all understood that Facebook was going to create a search platform that was vastly different from a traditional search engine. Traditional search engines index WEB CONTENT while Facebook was going to publish search results based upon CONNECTIONS and CONSUMER CONTENT. As a company that prides itself in our understanding of and ability to provide quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, I immediately understood the impact of such a search tool and how it would impact our clients.
Stating the Obvious - "Traditional search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) will NOT translate to effective social media optimization (SMO). The "discoverability" and ranking of your content in a social media search engine is a function of CONNECTIONS, CONSUMER CONTENT and WORD-OF-MOUTH and not search engine optimization strategies and tactics, WEB CONTENT. Graph Search will certainly take SMO to a whole new level, "
1_123125_2126996_2240593_2272937_101201_tech_researchtn.jpg.CROP.original-originalImagine ALL the data that Facebook has compiled since inception in 2004! Think of the cumulative amount of information that includes, but is not limited to;
  • 1 Billion Consumers
  • 10 Years of Data
  • Consumer profile information (Male, Female, Relationship Status, High School, College, Work Places, etc.)
  • Consumer wall/timeline posts
  • Consumer "Likes"
  • Consumer "Check-ins"
  • Consumer Photos
  • Consumer Videos
  • Connections Between People, Places and Things (Tags)
Over the course of almost 10 years and across more than 1 BILLION users that is a LOT of media and a LOT of actionable data, I mean A LOT. What makes this information so different and so valuable is that it is published by CONSUMERS and not written by content managers, professional writers, developers or other people (like 3V) that know how to manipulate content for search-ability and search engine rankings!
Keyword Stuffers Beware - Your Job is in Jeopardy!
What is Facebook Graph Search?  The listing of search results from nearly 10 years of WORD OF MOUTH content published directly from 1 BILLION consumers themselves! Search results are based upon NOT keywords but CONNECTIONS, ask Facebook a question and your search results will be based upon what your connections "have to say" about the subject. 3V Business Solutions What is Facebook Open Graph

Needle in a Haystack, or a New Haystack?

From Jolie O'dell's - Here's what Facebook Graph Search is doing next: This kind of search is simple. It shows off things you’re already connected to, narrowing down by common attributes or edges — what people like, where they work, whom they know, homing in on specific individuals. It’s like taking a metal detector to a haystack to find the one needle you want. “But what would be really cool is if we could help people find entirely new haystacks,

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