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Contact 3V Business Solutions for a free marketing consultation. Our consultation starts with a “long form.” We will evaluate the information that you respond with a no strings attached marketing evaluation. High-end agencies charge $1000′s for these, for a limited time 3V is offering this to you for free.

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Who is 3V?

The Simple Answer – A Digital Brand Management and Internet Marketing Agency

We help our partners utilize and leverage technology to build their brand and acquire relevant leads and prospects through the digital marketing channels; Web, Search, Social, Email, Text, Phone and more. We do this using creative web design, innovative social media marketing and integration, powerful email marketing tools and effective PPC, CPM and Retargeting services.

The web design, SEO and social media marketing worlds are inundated with talented and creative people, firms and agencies. The challenge is selecting the appropriate agency for your needs and identifying an agency you can trust.

We ask three very simple questions to start:

  • Where have you been
  • Where are you
  • Where are you going

These are extremely simple questions however the answer to these three questions are imperative before any more detailed discussions can occur. We are ambitious for the opportunity to meet with you and learn more about your business, your future vision and develop a strategy to help you reach your destination.

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3V Products & Services

Beautiful & Functional
Web Design

3V Business Solutions is responsible for over 50 websites in the last 2 years. Functionally, our core technical competencies are PHP frameworks (Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP) and script based deployments including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Open Cart, Shopify, etc. Visually, 3V's designers are detail oriented and work closely with our clients to deliver high quality, vectored and hand layered art. The 3V combination of form and function is what sets us apart.

Growth Opportunities
Social Media Marketing

What was once considered a passing fancy, social media dominates the world and how we socially communicate and interact. Social media provides the greatest opportunity in the history of mankind to deliver your brand's message to targeted consumers. Social media is marketing's version of economies of scale. Click here to learn more.

Visibility and Growth
SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO business model involves conceptualizing SEO as a process of developing creative inbound marketing strategies and integrating these efforts with seo. We will help you organize and present your content and subsequently help you achieve the highest possible search rankings within your industry and geography. Simply put, we help you drive traffic to your website whether the traffic is mobile, local, regional or global!

Attractive and Clean
Graphic Design

3V is very proud of our graphic design services and would love the opportunity to help you. We deliver the highest quality graphic design for all your digital and marketing needs. Our design and art is produced not only with web and social in mind, we also ensure design integrity for print and apparel. 3V ensures that your branding is head and shoulders above your competition.

Managed PPC
SEM, PPC, CPM & Retargeting

3V core offerings include what we call ``Managed Services``. Managed services are offerings where 3V is responsible for managing client ad spend, media purchasing and other 3rd party advertising. Google AdWords, AdRoll, Chango, Facebook Paid Ads, Facebook Paid Ads and Twitter Ads just to name a few are services that 3V manages. No budget is too small and no budget is too large, we treat every client with the respect and level of service they deserve.

Coming Soon
Online Print Store

3V is a reputable supplier of printed marketing material for all of our digital marketing clients. While that is great, social media and word of mouth has increased demand for our print marketing offerings. In December 2013, 3V will publish a DIY online print store delivering high quality print, incredible prices and the best value money can buy.

Why Choose 3V?

Great Question! Choose 3V because we are knowledgeable, experienced, savvy and because we care. We care about our clients as both individuals and professionals. Choose 3V because we are different, we are different than most marketers in many ways. Here are some of the unique reasons why 3V is different;

1) Professional – 3V delivers a marketing plan before we start any work (many of our competitors do not do this).

2) Transparency – Clients receive scheduled report and are granted real time access to web analytics through a mobile app.

3) Quality – The absolute closest attention to detail for both design and programming.

4) Value – No other small to mid size firm will deliver packages as diverse as 3V.

5) Reputation – In 2012 we hit the ground running, in 2013 we persevered and in 2014 we are prepared for large growth.

6) Customer Service – We manage and host our own web server environment, we have full control over any technical issues and provide 24×7 customer service. We respond to all Twitter and Facebook requests within 30 minutes!

There are many reasons to choose 3V but we consider the reason to be; “Because we care!”

Popular 3V Marketing Services

  • 3V Mega Marketing Package

  • $2499

    One Time
  • Premium WordPress Theme
  • Premium Graphic Design
  • Custom Programming
  • Search and Social Optimized
  • 2 Minute Premium YouTube Video
  • 1000 Business Cards
  • Choice of 10 Polos or 25 T-Shirts
  • 1 Year Domain and Web Hosting
  • ... Much More
  • 3V eCommerce Marketing Package

  • $3499

    One Time
  • Premium Magento Theme
  • Premium Graphic Design
  • Custom Programming
  • Up to 100 Products
  • Search and Social Optimized
  • Shipping & Payment Configuration
  • 1 Year Domain and Web Hosting
  • SSL (Security) Certificate
  • ... Much More
  • Summer Saver Web Package

    Now through 7/31/14
  • $999

    for a custom site build including:
  • 5 Pages (Home-Services-About-Contact-Gallery)
  • Wordpress Theme
  • Site Graphic Design
  • Custom Programming
  • 1 Year Hosting Included
  • BONUS: 1000 Business Cards
  • 3V Social Media Marketing Special

  • $499

    Per Month
  • Managed Social Media Marketing
  • 2 Social Channels - Twitter/Facebook
  • Increase Followers
  • Build Relationships & Create Engagement
  • Encourage Click-through to Website
  • Build Email Subscriber Base
  • $100 of Monthly Managed Facebook PPC
  • Monthly Metrics and KPI Reporting
  • ... Much More

3V Portfolio – Recent Projects

The 3V Leadership & Team

Michael Lucy
Michael Lucy

- IT & Programming Principal -

The founder of 3V Business Solutions, Michael dedicates countless hours to researching present and future marketing opportunities in the digital and social media spaces. Michael is an authority on social media integration, social graph and social search marketing.

Ginger Giardina
Ginger Giardina

- Creative Director & Principal Designer -

Ginger is co-founder of 3V and the creative visionary behind the 3V brand. Proper balance of form and function is a tenet of 3V's service offerings. Ginger's leadership ensures that form is always something 3V and our clients are proud of.

Stephanie Knight
Stephanie Knight

- Content Marketing Specialist -

Stephanie is a part-time content marketing, blogger and overall is a very important part of the 3V team. Stephanie doubles as the promotions manager for one of our clients, the River's Edge Gallery and is an established contributor to the blog-o-sphere.

3V Business Solutions - Detroit Web Design and Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap and 3V

3V Business Solutions utilizes the latest version of the Twitter Bootstrap for all of our website builds.

What does this mean?

- Websites that work on all browsers
- Websites that work on all devices
- Standard design layouts
- Standard icons, glyphicons and graphics
- Standard Typography
- BIG savings on maintenance costs

3V-best-detroit-graphic-design3V Graphic Design & Logo Design

In terms of effective marketing, form is just as important as function.  Consistent, recognizable branding that catches the consumer’s eye is a must.  Effective graphic design can give your business the competitive edge.  The graphic design team at 3V will work within your budget to create custom designs that appeal to you and speak to your customers.

To learn more about 3V graphic design and logo design, click the image to the right.

Free Marketing Consultation

Contact 3V Business Solutions for a free marketing consultation. Our consultation starts with a "long form." We will evaluate the information that you respond with a no strings attached marketing evaluation. High-end agencies charge $1000's for these, for a limited time 3V is offering this to you for free.

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